Dariusz Zieliński

I was born on 1975. I’ve been engaged in sculpture since 1998. I would call myself a self-taught, though my work has been greatly influenced by an educator and sculptor, Jacek Kozłowski. Meeting him deserves to be called “the moment” of my life.

In my work I attempt at displaying delicacy, fickleness, etherealness, and motion. Hence, perhaps, a number of my sculptures are disproportionably long – as they become apparently light thus, barely reaching the ground. I strive to avoid limiting myself to one manner of shaping the figures. I like experimenting with proportions and seeking for ever different way of deforming the reality.

I think it’s vital for every sculpture to present a story. First, I have a subject and then I find some shape for it. I believe it’s partially connected with the fact that I’m a graduate from the Academy of Special Education.

Currently, the artist creates only and exclusively for individual orders. The presented works are not offered for sale, but are merely inspiration for potential customers. To order an artist's work, please contact us by phone or email.

Jacek Krzeszewski

Jewelery is my passion and hobby. Rest after work and relax in my free time. I do IT because I like it because I enjoy the process of creation. I am self-taught. I have been interested in jewelry for three years, I made stained glass before, dealt with furniture renovation and also artistic embroidery. I invite you to view my work.

Jarosław Jaśnikowski

Jarosław Jaśnikowski - Painter, born in 1976 in Legnica, creating in the current of magical realism, fantasy, and also is considered the most important creator of Polish steampunk in painting. He graduated from the Głogowski School of Fine Arts, where in September 2001 he defended his diploma in painting under the supervision of Telemach Pilitsidis. Has completed a number of individual exhibitions. In February 2019, as the first artist from Poland, he won the grand-prix at the prestigious SAFADORE art salon in France.

Jaśnikowski created his own alternative reality. He subjects it to a completely different law of physics, mocking gravity or the properties of matter. Although in many places Jarek's "Alternative Worlds" are very similar to those we encounter on a daily basis, we quickly notice that this apparent similarity is only a pillar on which the artist builds his own, dark mystery world. Jaśnikowski's painting is also characterized by the author's passion for all kinds of fantastic vehicles, machines, as well as love of the Gothic.

Jaśnikowski's paintings have been enjoying great interest among collectors in Poland and in many countries around the world for years. The largest permanent exhibition of his work is in the Museum of Magical Realism in Wisła

Lunatic Soul

Mariusz Duda gained recognition and popularity as the leader of the Riverside band, which over a dozen years of activity, gained the status of one of the most important and most valued bands from the world of progressive rock.

Lunatic Soul was not born out of a lack of artistic musical freedom, but - as the musician himself describes - "from the need to explore other musical territories". I wanted to create and record more - says Mariusz. One band with their own music was not enough for me. At Riverside, I couldn't provide all the information.

The debut album of the Lunatic Soul project was released in October 2008. I didn't want to release anything under my name yet or record exactly the same thing I did at Riverside, so another project was born, more muted, oneiric, ambient, focused on oriental sounds. What above all attracted attention was that while working on his solo Mariusz decided not to reach for the guitar, which turned out to be the main element distinguishing the work of Lunatic Soul.

"Lunatic Soul" records are arranged in a cycle that the artist himself called The Circle of Life and Death. Sleep, death, darkness, mental illness, closing myself to the whole world - these are my main moods raised in both Riverside and Lunatic Soul.

The Circle of Life and Death will consist of eight albums. Depending on which side we are on, whether life or death, there is an advantage of either electronics or ethnic instruments.

In the future, two main albums are waiting for us, one on the side of life and the other on the side of death.

Maciej Meller

Maciej Meller - for over twenty years he has played a guitar in Quidam band, toured and recorded with Colin Bass (Camel), then together with Maciej Gołyźniak and Mariusz Duda he recorded the 'Breaking Habits' studio and live album. Since 2017 he was a concert guitarist in RIVERSIDE band. In 2018 he recorded solo parts for ‘Wasteland’ album which went gold.
In February 2020 he officially became a member of RIVERSIDE band. The same year he released his first excellent solo album, 'Zenith'.

“Taking care of the melodies, color and articulation will probably always be the key issue for me. However it's also a matter of me always trying to adapt my instrument to a composition, to my state of mind and emotions which come out. A song, its atmosphere or the content somehow impose my perception of the way I lead my instrument.
It's not all sunshine and lollipops :) There's pain, joy, reflection, anger...' Excerpt from the interview for 'Gitarzysta' magazine.


Riverside is a Polish band representing progressive rock. He was born in 2001. Four musicians have joined the interest in the work of such bands as Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Marillion, Opeth, Tool, Porcupine Tree and Anathema.

Riverside music is the result of inspiration from band members. The records hear both long, calm, melancholic sounds, immediately associated with the progressive stage, as well as sharp guitar accents, testifying to the metal inclinations of the musicians. Added to this is the delicate, lyrical, sad voice of Mariusz Duda.

The current composition of the band: Mariusz Duda (bass guitar, vocals), Piotr Kozieradzki "Mittloff" (drums), Michał Łapaj (keyboards), Maciej Meller (guitars). Riverside has released 7 albums so far: Out Of Myself, Second Life Syndrome, Rapid Eye Movement, Anno Domini High Definition, Shrine Of New Generation Slaves, Love, Fear and the Time Machine, Eye of the Soundscape and the latest - Wasteland. Riverside has thousands of fans both in Poland and abroad. They are one of the highest rated bands in the world in the genre of rock and progressive metal. Currently, each band's concert tour is international, covering many European countries and reaching beyond our continent.

Guitarist and co-founder of the group, Piotr Grudziński, died on February 21, 2016. He was 40 years old.

Current band members:
Mariusz Duda (Lunatic Soul, Xanadu) - vocals, bass
Piotr "Mittloff" Kozieradzki (ex-Hate, Thunderbolt) - drums
Michał Łapaj - keys
Maciej Meller – guitars

Studio Borowski

Studio Borowski was founded in 1990 by Stanisław Borowski, a well-known artist and engraver for 30 years. His works are in the collections of numerous museums, galleries and private collections around the world. In 1993, Studio Borowski was taken over by the sons of Stanisław, Paweł and Wiktor Borowscy, since 2007 their third son, Stanisław Jan, has been cooperating with them.

Works from Studio Borowski go to over 130 galleries, design centers and interior design stores around the world from Germany, Great Britain to Japan and the USA, from Mexico and the United Arab Emirates to New Zealand and China.

Each Studio Borowski project is implemented using manual "hot" and "cold" machining techniques. Individual fragments of works are engraved, sandblasted, cut, polished or covered with colour. When assembled, they form one unique whole. These unusual glass objects are sought after and admired by glass collectors around the world.

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