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We will meet your expectations. Our offer includes thousands of products of recognized, global brands and completely anonymous suppliers. At prices ranging from tens of groszy to tens of thousands of zlotys. We carry out orders for mass demand and unique projects for the most sophisticated customers. The strength of our offer is its complexity.

In the Product Offer section we present only a small part of our assortment without the possibility of purchase and only in approximate price ranges. In order not to mislead you, behaving honestly, we are not able to predict the choice of decoration technique, order size, completion time, packaging personalization and other elements affecting the cost. Without this knowledge, we cannot provide a price.

You are welcome to contact us. We will help you make your choice and agree on all other elements of the order. We will also agree on the price and payment conditions. We will start cooperation. Because this is our advantage - we do not sell - we offer cooperation.

Oil paintings, graphics, giclees. Always with certificates of authenticity, securely packaged and delivered. Art glass and sculpture. Music publishers signed by musicians.
Power banks, flash drives, speakers, headphones. Cameras, drones, chargers, accessories for smartphones and computers.
You will find in catalogs:
T-shirts, polo shirts, softshell, fleece, jackets and sweatshirts. Caps, gloves, bandanas and headbands.
You will find in catalogs:
Kitchen and bar
Juicers, knives, water bottles, thermoses, cups, pots, grilling sets, boxes, openers, glasses, other.
You will find in catalogs:
Candles and fragrances. High quality towels and bathrobes. Oils, soaps, cosmetics. For her and him.
Tools & car accessories
Hand tools and power tools. First aid kits, lamps, accessories. Reflective vests, sun mats and much more.
You will find in catalogs:
Writing, keyrings, lanyards
Pens, pens, pencils. Recognized brands, packed in a tasteful and ecological case and the cheapest. Keyrings. Lanyards in all colors and printing technologies.
You will find in catalogs:
Bags and umbrellas
Simple and automatic umbrellas. Lightweight - perfect for women's handbags and powerful, two-person. Bags, briefcases, satchels. Backpacks and suitcases.
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The beauty enchanted in matter

Every opportunity is good to make someone a special gift. Looking for unique advertising gifts for the biggest celebrations: jubilees, anniversaries, special events, both professional and personal, we offer the work of masters of craftsmanship, recognized around the world.

These artists represent a variety of branches. On request, the works can be accompanied by a short dedication or simply signed. We invite you to the world of art, music, sculpture, which tomorrow may be in your hands.

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Ambient Media House Sp. z o.o.
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NIP: 895–218–75-82

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