We believe that the way without a target is pointless. Therefore, before working on any promotion we always define the main goal and side goals.

We maximize the value of the goal because we are ambitious and motivated. We use only targeted actions, because we are effective.

We like to exceed our goals.


There are no unattainable goals. There is only a lack of proper tools to achieve them.

That is why we always choose the optimal set of measures. Sometimes the only tool is our head, but often more is needed. We can be your support.

We can be your advantage.


We like to be efficient and effective. We know it's not enough to reach the finish line. You usually have to do it first. We respect our clients' money, so we respect their time.

We are efficient in our actions, because we have been practicing them for over twenty years. It costs nothing to meet us, so don't hesitate and act.

Maybe we'll prepare something priceless for you.


one picture instead of a thousand words

We make promotional and instructional videos. Productions that last half a minute, hour-long films thoroughly presenting a selected topic and entire programme cycles. We prepare original scripts and music. We provide excellent cast, production management, professional equipment, editing, directing and a stunning final effect.

We have over fifteen years of experience in making films. Also those aired on TV. We have cooperated with business clients, public institutions, we have made productions for churches and individuals. We will create a picture that can be proudly placed on the website, we will support the training department, improve the perceived quality of your offer. It does not cost as much as you think and can last shorter than you think. Known reader, famous face, famous musician, famous place. All this can be a great idea to stay ahead of the competition, to get information about your offer to social media, to support your sales department.

You are welcome to contact us.


We organize artistic events; festivals, concerts, vernissages. Charming small meetings, recitals and performances. Concert tours and reviews. We want to promote artists helping them to find their place on the artistic market. During organized performances we provide full logistic, organizational and technical care. We provide sound and lighting equipment.

We invite to cooperation young performers who are just taking their first steps on the stages, we invite recognized artists.

Our idea is to combine arts and broaden the perspective of artistic worlds.

We always want to enable our audience to have direct contact with the artists. During the exhibition of works, after the concert, after the show. We are convinced that such meetings are a perfect complement to the artistic feast.


If you want your music to be released, promoted and sold, you've found the right place. We cooperate with recording studios, presses, graphic designers, printers and distribution networks. We will help prepare music and printing material.

We will advise you on the medium, circulation and format of your album, and the sales channels to reach your audience.

We design and operate online shops.

What else can we do for you...

Ambient Media House Sp. z o.o.
Trzebnicka 12, 55 – 095 Szczodre
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tel. 48 734 441 423
Ambient Media House Sp. z o.o.
ul. Trzebnicka 12, 55 – 095 Szczodre
NIP: 895–218–75-82

tel. +48 734 441 423

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