Maciej Meller – 2LP 180 g – Zenith – PREORDER (out October 19th, 2020))


This is preorder !!! Everyone who purchases the Zenith album in the preorder option will receive it with Maciej’s autograph !!! A gatefold 2LP on 180g black vinyl (2nd vinyl includes instrumental versions !)

Side A:                                                Side B:

I. Aside                                             I. Frozen
II. Knife                                            II. Fox
III. Plan B                                        III. Trip
IV. Halfway                                       IV. Magic

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Maciej Meller – guitars, mandolin, whistle
Krzysztof Borek – vocals
Robert Szydło – bass guitars
Łukasz Damrych – keyboards
Łukasz Sobolak – drums

Szymon Paduszyński – backing vocals on “Plan B”
All music by Maciej Meller
Except “Trip” music by Mariusz Duda and Maciej Meller
All lyrics by Krzysztof Borek
All tracks recorded between Junuary and June 2020
Drums and vocals recorded at Paputek Studio by Szymon Paduszyński
Acoustic guitars  recorded at Alaskan Studio by Wojciech Piotrowski
Electric guitars recorded at JNS Studio by Paweł Grabowski
Produced by Maciej Meller
Mixed & mastered by Robert Szydło
Language consulting by Anna Gancarczyk
Photos by Kaja Sosnowska, Anna Gancarczyk
Maciej’s photo by Bartłomiej Hałat
Artwork and design by Kaja Sosnowska, Łukasz Pach

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