We are an advertising agency, combining in a unique way the design and implementation of promotional campaigns with work on the film production market, the publishing market and the organization of cultural events.

We develop and implement solutions that support business, art and culture. We look for synergy, multiplied effect and since we are a searching agency, we are creative. We are inspired by the unknown. We do our best to make each of our work a unique solution.


Ambient is realized on a special customer order for a specific product and a specific target group. It works not only with advertising creation, but also with the form in which it is expressed. These are usually only one-off realizations. It is a strictly contextual form of advertising, in which the advertiser pays attention not only to the layout, but also to the whole context of placing the advertisement.

Ambient marketing is characterized by the use of several factors individually or simultaneously for advertising purposes.


We act with enthusiasm and passion because we love what we do. We believe that good emotions released during the process of creation are in the offered product. Maybe this is why we are effective.

Let's meet. Let's have a cup of tea and get to know each other better. We invite you to the world of our ideas and solutions. We will describe how it is created. We will know your expectations, you will find out what is necessary for us to cooperate.

We carry out projects even in 24 hours!!!


Organizing promotions

We propose solutions and take responsibility for the results obtained. From ad hoc promotions to sophisticated campaigns; from target definition to billing and final report.

Advertising gifts

In our offer of advertising gifts, we have a solid base of traditional high quality products, but also a group of products containing the element of art. Sometimes art for art’s sake, sometimes the applied art.


We offer works of exceptional artists from various fields of art: painting, graphics, artistic glass, sculpture, music. An unforgettable gift, musical illustration of an advertisement or event.

Promotional videos

One picture instead of a thousand words. We are masters of short forms of expression. We use the latest solutions. With a modest budget, we can achieve extraordinary results. A familiar face, a familiar voice, quick realization - there are no impossible things. Everything is possible.

Organizing festivals

From mass events to magical, intimate parties for extraordinary guests. We organize concert tours providing comprehensive care for the artists. Sound and lighting equipment, event promotion, ticket distribution. We take responsibility for everything.

Publishing house

CD / vinyl, book, DVD and blu-ray disc publishing. We take care of the special setting of the published works. We ensure the promotion and distribution.


We understand that by undertaking the project we become part of our client’s team. So we put everything we have at their disposal. We know what it’s like when you manage to exceed expectations.


  • Our team means: experience / passion / trust / creativity / smile
  • Our effectiveness because: we formulate the goal precisely / we are effective / timely / our ideas are original / we are consistent
  • For our customers - partnership / loyalty / responsibility / commitment / honesty


We take great care of the quality of offered products and services. Each action is a unique solution designed for our client. Cooperating with people of art, we offer unique possibilities of promotion, cooperating with business people we have tools to support and promote art. We attach the element of art to the uncompromising business logic and economic discipline promoting artists and their work. We speak the language of art and business. Meet with us and see if it is possible.

We admit: not always our projects are ambient marketing, but they always contain something that distinguishes them. They are always connected in a way that releases a powerful synergy. They build added value and respect the client’s budget.


Ambient Media House Sp. z o.o.
Trzebnicka 12, 55 – 095 Szczodre
NIP (tax identification number): 895–218–75-82

mail: office@ambienthouse.pl
tel. 48 734 441 423
Ambient Media House Sp. z o.o.
ul. Trzebnicka 12, 55 – 095 Szczodre
NIP: 895–218–75-82

mail: office@ambienthouse.pl
tel. +48 734 441 423

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